Royal London


Unique Skeleton Double Opening Pocket Watch

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  • Mechanical movement
  • Front and back lids
  • White Dial
  • Roman Numerals
  • Includes a beautiful matching 29cm fob chain that you attach to your belt loops or button hole.
  • Presented in a lovely box
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • PVD Gold plated on brass
  • Measures

    • Width 53mm
    • thickness 14.80mm

    What would you like to use it for – work, dress or casual?

    If it’s for dressy or casual wearing I then suggest going for a mechanical Pocket watch. This is because if a quartz watch sits in the draw for a long time when you come to use it you could find that the battery is flat.

    A mechanical watch only needs to be wound and the time set before you are good to go. This type of watch can be used time and time again over many years


    F.A.Q. - How do I set the time on a wind-up pocket watch?

    Here is a video from Cameron, The Watch Doctor showing you how to wind up Royal London pocket watches.


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