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Miss Moka Prestige

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Miss Prestige

Classic family-styled and loyal breakfast companion


A classic in a "hard to find" quality

Queen of Italian coffee makers, Miss Moka Prestige is the cornerstone of your daily coffee experience, always ready to provide you with an energy boost at any time of day. Miss Moka Prestige was created out of experience by Forever, the hallmark of stove top espresso maker specialists. Advanced solutions and a genuine regard for tradition make Forever the perfect choice to transform your coffee experience into an enticing ritual. 

  • Food grade aluminum

Forever stove top espresso makers are the first in Italy to comply with European health regulations En 601/602.

  • Removable screw-on handle 

Easily replaced in case of damage

  • Precious knob 

Every queen wears her crown: a metal insert gives the knob a touch of refinement.

  • Silicon gasket 

Hygienic and easy to clean, perfect and easy lock, remarkably long-lasting.

  • Size 400g

3 x Espressos

1 x Mug or 1 x Americano


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