Modern Designer Weather Station

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  • Barometer [ Measures Barometric pressure ]
  • Hygrometer [ Measures Humidity ]
  • Thermometer [ Measures Temperature ]
  • Solid wood with walnut finish and brass instruments
  • Fischer Cellarius instruments made in Germany
  • Wall hung instrument


Body35.6 x 12cm

Instruments 84mm

  • Ships to New Zealand and Australia
  • High Quality Materials
  • Looks great
  • Highly Accurate.
  • Form and function: Enhances any Decor
  • Great for the home or office and makes unique corporate gift.
  • Housing from Incantesimo Design
  • : Ultra Modern and clean looking  weather instrument that will be a talking point for years.

What does a weather station measure?

A weather station is usually made up of a few weather reading instruments such as barometers, thermometers and hygrometer. Each of these different instruments measures different

  • What does a Barometer Measure?Atmospheric Pressure - this is helpful to know what kind of changes you can expect in the weather.
  • What does a hygrometer Measure? Humidity of the air. A Comfortable and healthy livery and working conditions are provided with temperatures between 18 and 24 C and humidity between 35 and 65%
  • What does a Thermometer measure?The air Temperature.

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