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3 things that you can learn from a Fischer Weatherstation

Have you ever wondered how healthy your home is in terms of dampness and humidity on those rainy days? Or if there is enough ventilation on those hot summer nights? A weather station lets you easily measure what is happening in your home right now so you can adjust ventilation or heating for optimal health.

In this blog, we wanted to tell you the three ways a weather station can help you have a healthier home and environment for your family

3 things that you can learn from a Fischer Weatherstation to help you have a healthy home:

1. The measurements for a healthier home

Weather stations tell you information to ensure you have a healthier home. Using this information you know whether you need to dry out your house or prepare for colder weather. Moisture levels have been proven to be bad for your health – you need to monitor this to keep dry and warm

  • Temperature – how hot or cold is your house
  • Hygrometer – how much moisture is there in your house (humidity level).
  • Barometer – what the weather may change to

The best Weather stations 

Here are our two bestselling weather stations which will give you all of these readings.

Fischer Mahogany and Chrome Wall Mounted Barometer 1436R-22

Fischer Mahogany and Chrome Wall Mounted Barometer 1436R-22


fischer weatherstation

Fischer Modern Chrome Weather Station 1602-01

How does Humidity affect my home?

When the air is thick and sticky, that is where there is often humidity, which can lead to bad hair days or mouldy and mildew in your home. Humidity is the ratio of water vapour in the air in relation to the maximum amount of water vapour the air can hold at a particular temperature, it is expressed as relative humidity. For example, a RH of 30% means that the air contains 30% of the moisture it can possibly hold at that particular temperature. Humidity affects thermal comfort and indoor air quality.For example Very moist air will make people feel chilled in cold weather and hot and sticky in warm weather – above 50%. Very dry air can cause dryness and discomfort in the nose and make skin feel dry and itchy – lower than 50%.

Your Hygrometer will tell you the percentage of moisture in the air in the room you have the meter in. This will allow you to open windows or turn on your dehumidifier to try and optimise your home environment.

Where to buy the best home weather stations

You can browse our range of Weather Stations here in our estore. Or head to our sister website to access an even bigger range. And if you have any queries ring Cameron on 0800693583 NZ and or from outside New Zealand on 006433381109


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