by Cameron Wilson September 23, 2016

 We are madly in love with the new Rythm Rose Gold Wall Clock in store and we have been trawling Pinterest and Instagram to look at how top bloggers were styling their homes with rose gold clocks.

Here are our top 4 picks for styling a rose gold clock in your home

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Okay to technically this isn't on a wall. But we still love how she has paired these elements to give her space a groovy look.

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This is a great minimalist look with books and a simple clock with rose gold detail.


[ Photo Credit - hannahkphotography ] 

We love the numbers on this one. Isn't the succulent cute!

[ Photo Credit - blackwood_soy_candles ] 

This bedroom looks very whimsical and we love the clock resting on the headboard... I notice it is tacked down - perhaps she is from Christchurch ( a little earthquake humor for you there).


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Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson

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