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7 Things you should know about “Swiss Made” Watches

When you are choosing a watch there are a lot of options out there. From that the cheap bit of plastic that lasts 3 - 6 months until it dies right up to high-quality swiss watches that are built of high-quality metal mechanisms that are meant to last a lifetime. We only stock the later kind and if you are looking for something that is cheap and will break in a few months we are probably not the website for you. We see a lot of watches come into our repairs workshops from different brands, price points and styles and we have put together a list of things you need to know about swiss watches before you buy.


Swiss made watches are known to be watches of the highest quality. Here at the Watch Doctor we wanted to know a bit more about what the words “Swiss made” actually mean. This is what we found out:


  1. The wording of “Swiss made” was adopted in the late 19th century
  2. It is unique as most other companies use “Made in”
  3. The most common product using “Swiss made” are watches
  4. Some older watches just have the word Swiss on them on the dial at the six o’clock position
  5. Almost all Swiss made watches label their watches predominantly on the faceplate, fully capitalised, positioned at the bottom of the face.
  6. There are strict legal standards you have to adhere to in order to be able to use the words “Swiss made”. These are:
    1. The watches must be assembled in Switzerland
    2. At least 50%of the watches components value must be created in Switzerland
    3. The manufacturer must carry out the final inspection in Switzerland
  7. A watch that says “Swiss Quartz” is considered to be a proper Swiss watch – but often only the quartz is manufactured in Switzerland

Just recently we have been able to add some fabulous new Swiss made watches to our watch category.


This beautiful woman’s watchmakes for a stunning Christmas or Birthday gift. 


Or if you are struggling to find something for the man in your life you cannot go past this men’s dress watch.Suitable for any occasion.

If you have any queries regarding the Watch Doctor’s range of Swiss made watches then call Cameron on NZ 0800693583 Aus 1800 136886 Numberto talk about how these watches can work for you

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