by Cameron Wilson September 01, 2016

My phone will often ring with customers wanting to buy a Pocketwatches. I think it has something to do with celebrities like the Mentalists Simon Baker and Sherlock Holmes bringing to life the sophistication of these timeless timepieces. But these raises the question - "where do I wear a pocket watch". If you are in the market here are some questions I usually run through with customers to help them choose the perfect one.

Where do you want to wear it? 

Work Pocket Watches: 

If it’s for work I usually suggest a plain silver pocket watch that isn’t too expensive. The Quartz watches are best as they can take a few knocks. If you are wearing it daily then there is no need for winding, just change the battery every few years. We really love the Silver Pocket Watch Royal London 90015.01 for work.


Casual Pocket Watches:

If it’s for dressy or casual wearing I then suggest going for a mechanical Pocketwatch. This is because if a quartz watch sits in the draw for a long time when you come to use it you could find that the battery is flat. A mechanical watch only needs to be wound and the time set before you are good to go. This type of watch can be used time and time again over many years. The model I recommend and is one of our top sellers is Silver Pocket Watch 90005.01

What colour pocket watch should I buy?

You can buy Pocketwatches in 3 colours – Silver, Goldand Rose Gold

Royal London Rose Gold Pocket Watch 90047-03  Pocket Watch By Royal London 90014.01Gold Pocket Watch By Royal London 90013-02

What can I wear my Pocketwatch with?

Just about anything. Check out these looks

[ photo credit - antique ] 

[ photo credit - ]


Where do I get the cool chain from?

All our pocket and fob watches come with chains included. We have a range of Fob Pocket watches to choose from or you can buy a chain from your local Michael Hill, Pandora or Lovisa if you want to spend a bit less.


How much does a pocket watch cost?

Here at the WatchDoctor our prices range from around $130.00 for the basic silver Pocketwatches up to the gorgeous rose gold at $450.00



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Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson

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