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The days are getting cooler and the topic "SAVING HEATING COSTS" is becoming more and more important.  The indoor climate in your home is of the utmost importance.
Proper ventilation in the cold season can reduce the room humidity to values ​​of 30-60% and thus create a healthy room climate.
In addition to ventilation, the right room temperature is also an important point in order to reduce energy costs.  Just one degree less can save up to six percent of the energy.  With the high-quality bimetal thermometer from FISCHER, you can monitor the optimal room temperature on a daily basis and adapt it to your needs.  The base made of stainless steel gives the thermometer a firm footing and is also a visual highlight.  Alternatively, the bimetal thermometer can also be purchased with a mahogany-colored wooden base.


Hi Cameron

I was so pleased to receive the hydrometer from you a couple of weeks ago.   For several months I have had a mysterious cough which I have not been able to shake off.   I put the hydrometer in different rooms around the house and found that the bathroom was particularly wet.  Upon further inspection found that there was black mould in the skylight.     Thanks to your hydrometer, the cause of my cough has been found and I can now take steps to remedy it.     





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