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Know the tides and weather before you go fishing.

Ready to catch some fish?

Its super important to know the tides, pressures, weather, water conditions, wind and natural events when choosing the best time to go fishing.

The weather and tide are two key factors to do with fishing – lets take a look at each and how weather instruments can help you read them:

 Predicting the weather:

When a frontal system passes through the area that you are going to be fishing in, the barometric pressure either rises or falls. When the pressure moves one way or the other, fish detect this change through their lateral lines. Depending on whether the pressure is rising or falling (generally rising is good, falling is bad) the fish will feed accordingly.

When it's very warm and sunny, fish move to more comfortable cooler, deeper waters to stay calm and cool. Cloudy days are great for fishing because the clouds cover sunlight which lowers the water temperature. Water temperature controls the fishes body temperature and some functions including how much and when to eat.

Morning sun warms the shallows, which creates comfortable water temperatures for fish to feed.

Fish habits change during the day. In the early morning and late afternoon, cooler temperatures and lower light levels allow fish to swim in shallow water for meals. Warm fronts cause surface water temperatures to increase which may makeng fish move to cooler depths and areas. Fishing will be slow during and after a storm or severe cold front.

Using a weather instrument can tell you what the weather is about to do.  A Barometer lets you glance at the barometric pressure to see if it is stable. It is suggested the  day before going fishing you would set barometer pointer to the barometric pressure and the day you go fishing check barometer again for any shift in pressure.


Knowing the Tides:

The best conditions are during a just rising or falling tide, when water is moving your bait will move and provoke active feeding among coastal fish.  A tide clock will help you plan your day around the tides whether you are in a boat or surf casting.

If you are boating  there are many places in Australia and NZ that are tidal , We spend a few days a year in a small place called Marahau at the top of the south island and each year we notice how many boats parked up awaiting high tide  to launch their boats .

Popular combinations of Fischer German Handmade Instruments to buy before you go fishing are below:

Mahogany and Tide Clock Combo:


barometer and ride clock


Stylish Chrome and Black Weatherstation with TideClock

 fischer barometer tide clock


Round Stylish Clock and Tide Clock


 Tide clock


And don’t forget to check the news. There may be a natural event that causes havoc under the water like the recent volcano eruption in Tonga.


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