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Weather Instruments/ Weatherstations

Are you looking for traditional weatherstations, barometers, tide clocks or nautical equipment?

We stock a comprehensive range of classic weather instruments designed and produced by Fischer in Annaberg Germany.

Fischer weather instruments have been around since the early 1900's.

They are made in a small factory in East Germany, owned by Peter Fischer - his father started the business - they have become world renown for their quality and classic yet modern designs.


Fischer Ash Tide Clock $259.00NZD
Fischer Modern Chrome Weather Station $269.00NZD
Fischer Stylish Clock & Tide Clock $269.00NZD
Fischer Barometer & Tide clock Combo $489.00NZD
Fischer Oval Weatherstation $199.00NZD $230.00NZD
Fischer Tide Clock made by fischer $239.00NZD
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Fischer Wall Mounted Weather Station $229.00NZD
Fischer Barometer & Tide clock Combo $469.00NZD
Fischer Ash and Brass Barometer $259.00NZD
Fischer Traditional Weatherstation $289.00NZD
Fischer Wall Mounted Barometer $229.00NZD
Fischer Modern Black and Chrome $289.00NZD
Fischer Brass Nautical Barometer $379.00NZD
Fischer Traditional Weatherstation $289.00NZD
Fischer Small round wooden barometer $169.00NZD
Fischer Chrome Nautical Weather Station $449.00NZD $479.00NZD
Fischer Table Top Weather Station $219.00NZD
Fischer Mahogany Weather Station $199.00NZD
Fischer Marine Chrome Barometer $639.00NZD
Fischer Precision Aneriod Barometer $1,790.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar Series Stainless steel- Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD