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Need to send a gift in NZ or AU?

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What are some Valentine's Day gift ideas for 2018?

Valentine's Day can sometimes feel like a cheesy American holiday, however,  there is something really nice about taking a special day to honour that person we love (or lust) in our life.

The traditional gift of flowers is nice but they often don't last very long. Soft toys can be cute but are really only for those of a certain age and diamonds are expensive.

So what can you get the special person in your life this Valentines Day that is unique, built to last, and will remind them of you every time they stare at it?

Give a Pocket Watch this Valentines Day.

Whether you are shopping for your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife or husband, a pocket-watch makes a special and unique gift for your special someone. 

He will love this dapper accessory that will make him look instantly put together. She will love this beautiful accessory on a necklace or clipped onto her clothing.

Below you can browse our favourite Royal London pocket-watches in silver, gold and rose gold. We have unisex options as well as women's and men's to suit your special someone.

Unisex Silver Pocket Watch 90002.01

A nice half hunter mechanical silver plated pocket watch is a great idea. This mechanical watch only needs a wind before wearing and you are ready to go. You don't have to deal with changing batteries ever (no battery required).

[ Featured: Unisex Silver Pocket Watch 90002.01 ] 



Silver Mechanical Pocket Watch 90004-02

Mechanical pocket-watches are fantastic if you are wanting to look both dressy or classy casual. If have other quartz watches in your drawers for a long time you will probably find the battery flat when you come to use them. That's why the mechanical watch is so useful and long-lasting. 

[ Featured Products: Silver Mechanical Pocket Watch 90004-02 ] 

This gold version is a really high-class option if you want to give the gift of timeless elegance and will be loved by all wearers of gold jewellery - a perfect match with gold earrings or necklace. This watch is also wind and go - no batteries needed.

[ Featured Product: Half Hunter Gold Pocket Watch 90009.01 ] 



Or get your Wow Factor here with this beautiful Royal London rose gold pocket-watch. This unisex dress pocket watch will turn heads and drop jaws. Have one each...The vintage look means it will make a great heirloom for your family to enjoy for years to come.

[ Products Featured: Unisex Mechanical Pocket Watch 90049.03 ] 


A touch of vintage charm with a modern rose gold feel. Attach to a chain or attach to a buttonhole or belt loop. Just Beautiful.

[ Products Featured: Stunning Rose Gold Pocket Watch 90051.03

[ Products Featured: Fischer Mahogany and Brass Oval Weather station 9160-22 ]

Other gift ideas include home weather stations. These smart little units are the perfect addition to any household. Help them keep an eye on the weather, their home humidity and the changing temperature. Give the gift of a healthy home.

This weather station has a more modern feel and comes in 3 colours. To tell you how hot your home is, how humid (moist or damp or dry) it is and what the weather is going to do today.

 Products Featured:Fischer Weather station 9103S-06

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