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Are you looking for a new clock for your home? As a house warming gift, or maybe as a corporate gift? We have a wide selection with loads of difference styles for your house, boat, rental or as a gift.

Especially popular at the moment are our Cloudnola Alarm and Station clocks. They have just arrived from Europe and are the latest in design ideas from Renee Vendrig - a well known European Designer.

Rhythm Rhythm Digital Wall Clock $139.00NZD

Cloudnola Clocks Cloudnola Station Clock - White $289.00NZD
Time&Trends Hand made station clock medium size $589.00NZD
AMS CLOCKS AMS Designer CLOCK $269.00NZD $499.00NZD
AMS CLOCKS AMS Designer CLOCK $249.00NZD $499.00NZD
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Fischer Ash Tide Clock $289.00NZD

Rhythm Travel Alarm Clock $39.00NZD
Time&Trends Post Office Clock large NZ made $659.00NZD

Fischer Nautical Brass Tide Clock $519.00NZD
Fischer Marine Brass Tide Clock $719.00NZD
Fischer Precision Fischer Brass Clock $449.00NZD
Fischer Barometer & Tide clock Combo $499.00NZD
Fischer Barometer & Tide clock Combo $539.00NZD