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Barometers and Clocks

Are you looking for traditional barometers or a wide range of designer clocks?

Our Barometers and Clocks are not just perfect for any decor - they are also high quality and functional - all have a 1 or 2 year warranty.

Our comprehensive range of Barometers, Tide Clocks and Thermometers are designed and produced by Fischer in Annaberg, Germany. Fischer weather instruments have been around since the early 1900's.

Our Clock brands are Cloudnola, AMS, Smiths, Braun and some awesome NZ made rimu clocks (which can be personalised).

Cameron - our horological (weather) and clock specialist is able to answer any queries you may have so call him on NZ 0800 693 583 or Aus 1800 136 886 during work hours.

He would love to talk to you about our range of Barometers and Clocks

Fischer Designer Polar brass complete Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar Series Stainless steel- Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar Series made by Fischer Germany $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Ultra modern weather station $349.00NZD $359.00NZD
Fischer Precision Chrome Hygrometer $479.00NZD
ANVI Chrome Barometer $79.00NZD $149.00NZD
ANVI Brass Thermometer & Hygrometer $79.00NZD $149.00NZD
ANVI Stick Thermometer on Metal base $49.00NZD $99.00NZD
ANVI Stick Thermometer on Metal base $49.00NZD $99.00NZD
ANVI Stick Thermometer on Metal base $49.00NZD $99.00NZD
ANVI Stick Thermometer on Wood $49.00NZD $99.00NZD
Time&Trends Hand made station clock medium size $589.00NZD
Fischer Modern Mahogany & Chrome Barometer $189.00NZD $209.00NZD
Time&Trends New Zealand Made Rimu Clock $229.00NZD
Smiths Station Railway Clock $359.00NZD
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Fischer Ash Tide Clock $259.00NZD
Rhythm Rhythm Digital Wall Clock $129.00NZD $139.00NZD
Fischer Modern Cockpit Fischer Weather Station $590.00NZD $790.00NZD