Barograph Made in Germany

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  • Quartz clockwork.

  • Runs in 3 modes: daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Movement brass and steel, with flat chrome finish


  • Ships to New Zealand and Australia
  • High Quality Materials
  • Highly Accurate.

What does a barograph measure?

  • A barometer displays the present pressure and the change of pressure since it was last set using a marker hand on the dial.
  • A barograph records the history of the pressure on a paper chart, wrapped around a clock-driven drum.
  • Underway on a fully crewed vessel, the logbook serves as a detailed record of pressure changes.
  • On overnight anchorages, a printed barograph trace is a convenient way to learn how the pressure changed during the night when there was no watch to record it.

Measurement Range:

  • It uses a set of 7 aneroid capsules with a diameter of 62 mm made from copper-beryllium alloy. This material essentially eliminates age-hardening, hysteresis, and elastic after effects that could otherwise degrade the accuracy.
  • The influence of temperature on the set of aneroid capsules and the transmission system is compensated by use of bi metal components over the full measuring range and for temperatures between -30 to +40 °C (-22 to 104 °F).
  • All contacts in the movements are jeweled to reduce friction.
  • Measuring range used for altitude
    955 to 1055 hPa
    930 to 1030 hPa
    905 to 1005 hPa
    880 to 980 hPa
    855 to 955 hPa 0 to 150 m above sea level
    150 to 350 m above sea level
    350 to 600 m above sea level
    600 to 850 m above sea level
    850 to 1,100 m above sea level

Clock Works

  • Electronic quartz clockwork
  • Can be shifted to take daily weekly or monthly measurements
  • Revolution times changeable: daily revolution 25.6 h, weekly revolution 176 h, monthly revolution 783 h
  • Autonomous operation 12 month with battery type LR6 autonomous operation 1 week
  • Note that the mechanical clocks do not have a monthly mode.
  • Weekly rotations are the most common used with barographs
Recording Instruments
  • The recording instruments are delivered complete with fibre pens and a year's supply of recording charts.
  • Weekly charts are the standard that are provided unless requested otherwise.


  • Fischer instruments are unique in offering an option on each model with enhanced dampening for barograph use at sea.
  • After you chose your model and timing option, the extra dampening can be selected.
  • There is no need for this option for land based operations.
  • Charts
  • The paper charts are the same size for all models: 92mm tall by 302 mm long.
  • Charts marked in inches of mercury are also available on request.
  • Registration Drum
  • height 93 mm diameter 93.3 mm
  • height of registration 80 mm
  • chart division 1 hPa


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