by Cameron Wilson January 12, 2018

We have all been there, somehow you managed to get up, dressed, put your face on, eat breakfast, put on a load of washing, feed the kids, hang out the washing, drop the kids off at school and still get to work on time. You are sitting at your desk enjoying your morning tea coffee and BAM - the rain starts.

Barometers for rain

Do you play morning washing line roulette?

Why is it whenever you need to get your washing dry and leave the house it always feels like a game of washing line roulette. Do you hang it out? Or do you hang it on a drying rack and risk your house getting damp? Or do chance the possibility of running out of clean underwear the next day, by hanging it on the line, only to arrive home to a sopping wet washing line full of clothes?

wall hanging barometer

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How can you predict the weather?

Unless you possess a time machine a barometer is probably your next best bet. A barometer is a device which measures the barometric pressure of the air. When this air pressure changes, it indicates that there is going to be a change in the weather. There is a little hand inside the barometer that points towards rain or sun to let you know what is going to happen to the weather ahead of time. Reducing the risk during your game of washing line roulette before you head out to work.

xtra large wooden weather station

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Do I need a Barometer or a Weather Station?

If you only want to find about changes in the air pressure and weather patterns, a barometer is perfect. If you like knowing what temperature your house is, or how humid it is inside, then a weather station will give you the benefits of a barometer, with the handiness of a thermometer and hygrometer for heat and humidity. These are a really powerful device for optimising the health of your home, as they let you know when it is time to turn up the heat pump, or crack a window and reduce some of the moisture in your home.

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Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson

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