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How to wind a pocket watch and what direction to wind it in.

how to wind and set a pocket watch

Pocket watches are the perfect way to add old world charm to a suit without looking overdone. They bring to mind images of sherlock holmes, jane from the mentalist or sam Neil an old timey movie.

If you haven't used a pocket watch before and you are wondering how they work... we have put together a little video to walk you through the steps.

We love how you can see exactly what's going on in these timepieces, they make a great talking point, and how cool is it that you do not have to mess around with batteries you can just wind up your device.

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You can find our range of pocket watches for men here and woman here

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July 01, 2018

Thank you Cameron, your video was very informative and those pocket watches look wonderful and would be a great gift idea for someone who has everything..will keep them in mind.

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