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How to read a barometerSo you have a barometer (or you are thinking about buying one) but you are not sure how to set it up for your local climate. Here is a video from Cameron Wilson from Director of and to walk you through how to set up your barometer and how to use it to be your very own weather man or woman.

Watch this video to learn how to use a barometer at home to read atmospheric pressure.

STEP 1: Go to and search "barometric pressure "INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR CITY OR TOWN HERE..." e.g. "barometric pressure Christchurch"

STEP 2: Grab your barometer and look for the minus and plus sign, use a small screw driver to move the metal arm to the same measurement as the barometric pressure in your area. This gives it an accurate measurement point for future weather readings.

STEP 3: Use the metal pointer and set it to the same reading, that way you can see if the barometric pressure has changed since the last time you looked at your barometer.

Tide clock & barometer combo

Picture: Fischer Tide Clock & Barometer Combo - Perfect for Surfers, Fisherman , divers, or anyone that likes to get out in the boat.

You will notice on the face of the barometer it says the type of weather you can expect from that type of barometric pressure. In the image below on the right hand side you can see rain, change or fair. This is really helpful if you are thinking about hanging out your washing, but want to know if it is going to rain in the next 6 hours.

chance of rain


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Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson

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