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8 reasons to buy Olympic Swiss Watches

You may wonder what the fascination behind Swiss watches is. Perhaps you have heard your Dad or Grandad say " you should only buy Swiss wrist watches" or " A Swiss watch would never break down".

The Swiss are world renown for their passion for quality and durability.

Having worked in the horological industry for close to 30 years, including 12 years working at the bench,  it was not long before I realized how reliable Swiss watches are. When working on  watch repairs you look at watches from a different perspective when compared to a watch-owner.

This is why I feel Olympic watches need a special mention.

  1. Their back-up service is second to none,  they are always  eager to help even with old watches, some over 20 years old - very rare these days.
  2. They love problem solving eg, broken glass,  leaking watches , plating problems , all explained and helped with professionally.
  3. They have qualified watchmakers on board
  4. All Olympic watches have a 2 year guarantee with service centres in New Zealand and Australia
  5. They specialize in high quality everyday watches - Nurses watches , Work watches and Divers/ Sport watches that are built to last
  6. The materials most common to their brand is stainless steel making the case more resistant to the elements
  7. They have screw on case backs , quality seals and use mineral glass - this makes a great watch case.
  8. The movements (quartz) are either Swiss design or Swiss made again making the watch an extremely accurate time piece

Three of our favourites are:

Snorkeling , swimming or surfing watches




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