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Caravan Clocks & Weather station

Caravan Clocks & Weather Stations are specialised devices designed for caravans or recreational vehicles (RVs) to provide timekeeping functionality and weather information. These devices are designed to be compact, portable, and easy to install in a caravan.

  • Weather Information: Caravan weather stations typically provide real-time weather data such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and sometimes wind speed and direction. This information can be useful for planning outdoor activities or determining if you need to prepare for changing weather conditions.
Fischer Chrome Small Brass Barometer $199.00NZD
Fischer Small Brass Quartz Clock $179.00NZD
Fischer Small Chrome Tide Clock $219.00NZD
Fischer Small Brass Barometer $199.00NZD
Fischer Ash and Chrome Barometer $319.00NZD
Fischer Ash Tide Clock $289.00NZD

Fischer Home Climate Meter $229.00NZD
Fischer Hair Hygrometer synthetic $149.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar Series made by Fischer Germany $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar Series Stainless steel- Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Designer Polar brass complete Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
fischer Climate Meter Made in Germany $379.00NZD
Fischer Home Climate comfort Gauge $390.00NZD
Rhythm Travel Alarm Clock $39.00NZD
Fischer Hair Hygrometer Synthetic $179.00NZD