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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For 2021 That They Will Actually Like.

There is nothing worse than scrambling to get someone's Christmas gift last minute, only to buy them something which they are not that keen on or that they may not use and will likely get donated.

Stuck with what to get them? Weather stations and clocks make great gifts as they complement your loved ones decore, and they will use them all the time.

A weather station or clock can help you knowing...

  • What is the time?
  • What is the temperature?
  • Is it going to rain?
  • Should I head out surfing or fishing?

Perfect for planning nearly anything.

Fischer Ash Tide Clock $289.00NZD
Fischer Barometer & Tide clock Combo $539.00NZD

Fischer Ash and Brass Barometer $299.00NZD

Cloudnola Clocks Factory White Alarm Clock $69.00NZD

Fischer Designer Polar Series Stainless steel- Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Barograph made in Germany Sold Out
Cloudnola Clocks Factory Black Alarm Clock $69.00NZD
Cloudnola Clocks Station Clock - Sage Edge $269.00NZD
Cloudnola Clocks Cloudnola Station Clock - White $269.00NZD


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