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Fischer Ash and Brass Barometer Sold Out
Fischer Ash Tide Clock $249.00
Fischer Barograph made in Germany $1,590.00
Fischer Barograph Made in Germany $1,590.00
Fischer Barometer & Tide Clock $429.00
Fischer Brass Marine Barometer $589.00
Fischer Brass Nautical Barometer $379.00
Fischer Chrome Nautical Weather Station $449.00 $479.00
Fischer Marine Brass Tide Clock $649.00
Fischer Marine Chrome Barometer $639.00
Fischer Marine Chrome Tide Clock $679.00
Fischer Modern Black and Chrome $289.00
Fischer Oval Weatherstation $189.00 $230.00
Fischer Precision Aneriod Barometer $1,790.00
Fischer Precision Brass Clock $389.00
Fischer Precision Hygrometer $429.00
Fischer Precision Thermometer $389.00
Fischer Solid Brass Marine Clock $579.00
Fischer Solid chrome Marine Clock $590.00 $639.00