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Designer Polar Series

Climate meter " POLAR "

Design by Mark Braun

The handmade instrument series " POLAR " includes with barometer, thermometer and hair hygrometer the most important meteorological measuring instruments, which inform about the current weather conditions and the indoor climate.

After the series was elected " Manufacture Product of the Year 2021 ", we have now expanded our successful product series with the climate meter,a combination of thermometer and hair hygrometer in one instrument.

The thermometer is used to measure the air temperature in °C and in °F. The measuring element is a bimetal with high specific deflection, which reacts with low inertia to temperature changes.

The hair hygrometer is used to measure relative humidity in %. Synthetic hair is used as the measuring element, which expands with increasing humidity. The humidity-dependent change in length is transferred to the pointer by means of a fine mechanism. Due to a special treatment of the hair, the hygrometer reacts almost inertia-free to any change in humidity. The hygrometer also has a dew point scale. In conjunction with the temperature measurement, the dew point temperature can thus also be determined.

The optimum ranges of the room temperature as well as the room humidity are particularly clearly highlighted on the climate meter. This makes it easy to see at a glance whether the room climate is favorable or whether active action should be taken.

Design by Mark Braun

In the design by product designer Mark Braun, the special qualities of our precision mechanics manufacture are translated into a contemporary design. The accuracy of the gauge is emphasized with concise hands. These are bent over at the tip and ensure a parallax-free and thus very accurate reading of the respective measured value. The optimum measuring ranges are highlighted in the distinctive FISCHER blue and provide good orientation as to whether there are any deviations from the ideal room climate. The typography and indices of the dial are kept businesslike and easy to read, despite all the graphic subtlety. FISCHER stands for high-quality analog measuring technology. The design is such that an opening in the dial provides a glimpse into the exciting inner workings of the measuring instrument. The housing of the entire instrument series emphasizes the quality of this fine analog measuring technology and, with the distinctive phase on the base section, highlights its position on the wall with particular ease. Overall, the instrument series POLAR thus stages the relevance of analog measurement technology, which allows us to live long-lasting and reliably in harmony with the indoor climate and weather conditions.

All measuring instruments of the " POLAR " series are precisely adjusted in the manufacturer's factory and work completely maintenance-free. Each individual instrument is provided with a serial number. The curved instrument hands allow parallax-free reading of the respective measured value. The housing of the instrument series (diameter 133 mm. height 45 mm) is made of brushed brass or stainless steel. The fine mechanical instrument series " POLAR " is handmade at FISCHER in Germany.

Upgrade your living space functionally as well as aesthetically and secure your "POLAR" climate meter from the FISCHER manufactory.


Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series $1,077.00NZD $1,197.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series -Thermometer $399.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar brass complete Series $1,149.00NZD $1,277.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series Base $49.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series Stainless steel- Series $1,149.00NZD $1,277.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series Barometer $439.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series Barometer $439.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series -Thermometer $399.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series -Thermometer $399.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar Series -Hygrometer $439.00NZD
Fischer Germany Designer Polar -Barometer $419.00NZD